Stop using rape as a metaphor (via facilegestures)

Everyone who has been salivating over the details of the recent high profile rape case & who has been aching for more media coverage should read this excellent blog entry . I was more than appalled that the NRC Handelsblad – a Dutch newspaper – dedicated over 6 pages in their Monday edition to speculating whether it’s true or not and comparing DSK to other well-known, high profile predators.

by John McMahon [Trigger warning for rape language.] By now, most of us have heard about the IMF chief and leading French Socialist Party figure, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, being arrested over the weekend on accusations of sexually assaulting a maid at the New York City hotel he was staying at. See s.e.smith at Tiger Beatdown for a good critique of much of the media coverage about the accusations. In addition to what Smith mentions – the obsession w … Read More

via facilegestures