The Many Faces of White Autochtoon Dutch male privilege…


This patch captures my sentiments exactly. This article by the newly popular apologist for gendernormativity Jan Dirk de Jong is the latest in a long line of patriarchal racist gendernormative cissexist BULLSHIT that’s been published by mainstream Dutch newspapers. De Jong gave his textual turd the title “Je bent pas een stoere vent als je constant een grote bek hebt.” (You’re a tough guy only if you talk tough.)

I’m not going to delve into the DEEPLY problematic nature of his piece (the erasure of transmen, for instance) at this moment; mainly because I’ve been working on a piece on this virulent and reactionary interest in masculinity that’s been spreading across the Dutch media like a mould colony.

In the meantime, Jan Dirk de Jong can take multiple seats and rest his privileged White Autochtoon cisgender middle-class educated male ass; while he’s at it, he can have a big bucket of STFU with a GTFOH chaser.