Spoken Word: Kai Davis & Zulile Blinker

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Here I am

While I confessed my sins, I waited. I was extremely anxious to see the outcome of such an unexpected action.

The thought of death came and stayed with him and lent him a sort of sluggish pleasure.

He had visited countless specialists, spent uncounted money, endured agonizing treatments, in his endeavours to be able to hear what went on about him and to have a part in it.

Whenever he settled in a new apartment, and he moved often, those photographs were the first things out of the boxes.

He liked to think of himself as one for whom the flowers would blossom, who must always have nature about him, if he would be truly happy.

They kissed, slightly, and watched with polite interest while he hung up his coat, removed his trousers, shirt, socks and underwear and offered one of his socks to them.

Echoes of the Heart

My heart doubles bits of words. I hear them fall apart. I fear the pieces  are getting smaller and smaller – until there only remains U & I. How strange it feels. These  sounds bouncing around like light in my heart. I have been abandoned & adorned with these telling sounds: U & I, a soulful wheezing, a portly sigh. The tension in my skin will never mount –
It is my simple heart’s fault for entreating wishy-washy pixies to grant it what it wants. Instead, I received dreary words of exploration: “What’s in it for me?” Me, I echoed. Me –
But by then I had already seen it reflected in your eyes : I do not excite U. A slow oscillation and U were gone again.

I .. … …… U

Music// Echo Tongues: No Expectations

I Don’t Sleep

“Sometimes bowels uncoil in the face of fear & passion, order the heart & bladder to refill. But bodies that have fought for love against incredible odds know that huddled figures mean absolutely nought.
They lack instinct & artifice, are mere movements of limbs, make weightless sounds. Remember this when your bladder is being filled with golden seas of waste, when your regular heart protests & sputters, when your lungs thunder & fail to inhale air.
Bodies the world over learn the art of killing with utter care & concern. Do you now see the heart of the matter?”

Gunnar Bjerk: Back Then (via Keepreal)
Bullmeister: Baby ( Lifelike Remix)
Wires Under Tension: Mnemonics in Motion
Toro Y Moi: New Beat (via Redthreat)
Thomas Tantrum: Sleep (RAC Remix)
Adam Kesher: Hour Of The Wolf (Lifelike Remix)
Okkervil River: Wake and Be Fine


Blot it Out

“Much of what we dread is due to indistinctness of outline – fright is often prior to an object; that is to say, the fright comes first and something is invented or discovered to account for it.”

“In an existence increasingly made abstract, impersonal, and meaningless by technology, unusual, spectacular, and frightening images allow us vicariously to experience a crisis, a turning point in our lives.”

Blot it out with self-hypnosis before your emotional infrastructure collapses.