How Much Does an Allochtoon Cost?

How much does an Allochtoon cost? This question was weighed, albeit two years ago, in all earnest by Jan H. van de Beek, a mathematician and cultural anthropologist at the University of Amsterdam. In an article concerning Van de Beek’s research into the monetary value of bodies of colour Camilia Bruil of the Teldersstichting writes wistfully that,

“Unfortunately, Van de Beek left the question of how much an immigrant costs and how such a cost-benefit analysis should be made unanswered. Perhaps, continuing research will be able to supply answers to these questions.”

For the record, the B.M. Teldersstichting is affiliated with the Dutch political party VVD, which is, incidentally, the party of current demissionary prime minister Mark “Captain Save-a-Hollander” Rutte.

Aside: Unsurprisingly, the VVD has also been the party of liberally minded folks like Geert Wilders, Rita Verdonk and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Let me stress, I’m talking here about the very same Mark Rutte who was granted a platform at Keti Koti this year, where he gave a weak speech in which he matter-of-factly stated that NiNsee shouldn’t hope for a subsidy: that well has run dry. Remember? Nevertheless, Rutte received a warm applause after which he made a quick exist. He had better things to do.

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